About Journey Through the Senses

Journey through the Senses – Santa Barbara 2021explores and celebrates the vast diversity of perceptual experience, looking at how art– when operating at the edges of technology and science— can serve as an investigative tool into the multi-sensory and neurodiverse worlds we inhabit and create, as individuals and as a society.

Some topics of specific focus will include: inherited synaesthesia, savants, those with autism having special talents, etc.

Our vision is to create major components on science, math, architecture, art, music, dance, literature, live theater, film, scent, design, beer and wine, culinary and taste, etc. Our collaboration will also include leading scientists from the University of Sussex in the UK and throughout the world as well as aligned organizations and talent in every area of the arts, sciences, and new technology.

Journey Through the Senses aims to involve the entire City of Santa Barbara in this 30-45 day exhibition. Our collaboration will include multiple departments and individual professors at the University of California Santa Barbara. Our goal is to create collaborations with the museums, the tourist bureaus, restaurant and hotel associations, wineries, kind and thoughtful local leaders in the arts and entertainment community, artistic and performance venues, etc.

The majority of events for  Journey Through the Senses will take place in May of 2021. Spectacular preview events will also be presented in October of 2020 to coincide with Ambiances, a major architectural conference coming to UCSB:  ambiances.net

Following our exhibition in Santa Barbara in May of 2021, our goal is that the exhibition will then travel to London, Paris, Berlin, and other major cities of the world as we continue this world-wide collaboration. Our aim is to eventually create a permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian.