Dr. Joel Salinas 

Dr Joel Salinas is a neurologist at Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Neurology. Dr. Salinas, a synaesthete, has mirror-touch synaesthesia, where he physically feels what the people around him physically feel, providingempathetic insight into his patients. After incidentally discovering his atypical form of sensory perception, he pursued a deep curiosity to learn more about the brain and how we all experience the world.
VICE: The doctor who can feel people’s pain is teaching us about empathy
Mirror Touch

Professor Julia Simner

Julia Simner is a Professor of Neuropsychology and has spent the last two decades in the field of synaesthesia research. Her education and career have taken her to the Universities of Oxford, Toronto, Edinburgh and Sussex, and she currently runs the Synesthesia and Sensory Integration lab at the University of Sussex. Her work focusses on the psychological and neuroscientific bases of synesthesia, and has been published in science journals including Nature , Trends in Cognitive Sciences, and Brain, as well as in over 100 newspaper and media articles worldwide. She is the Science Officer for the UK Synaesthesia Association, Director of the ERC-funded MULTISENSE project, and Director of the ESRC-funded Savant Network. Her book, The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia was recently shortlisted for the British Medical Associations medical book of the year.